What is the meaning of greenshaun.com? What does it stand for?

My favorite color is green.
My first name is Shaun.
Together they form a unique discovery through web design and creation


Who or what is Shaun Sykes you ask?

Well, that's a bit complicated you see, because Shaun (the man, person, human) is made up of many different elements, one description would not do him justice.

SO HOW DO YOU PROPOSE WE EXPLAIN THIS COMPLICATED, YET INTENSE INDIVIDUAL? With a web site of course. What better way of presenting information to many, involving a small or brief topic in a limited span of time?

Prepare yourself to enter the world of Shaun Sykes! As you navigate through this site, learn about his life, family, creativity and portfolio, experiences and interests. So let's get started shall we?


To begin, just click on the links to the left for the topic you want to explore. You will then receive other pages, which will link you to individual topics of concern (you can get to these by clicking on the words or hot links on the pages).