Welcome to My Winter Wonderland
By Shaun Sykes
Composed on September 5-6, 2000


Its cold, it’s very cold!
The air is chilled and frozen,
It matters not the large or small
clothing one wears
Because all will soon be cold and shivering.

I don’t know what season it is
I thought it to be summer, but I really
can’t be sure,
It has snowed in mid-august for 4 years now
And the rest of the year is blustering cold!

Travel to one part of the country to the other
All is just the same,
Not a spot grows any flowers
The people don’t venture out too much
And sunshine is hardly seen.

Welcome to my winter wonderland!
Can’t you feel the temperature dropping?
See the snowflakes fall as big as baseballs?

I love it here
This is my place
The snow comes down – caress my face
Icy streets are commonplace
In this wintry kingdom.

Where else can you go for this?
All year round we have winter
Those of you who crave the warmth
Can leave and visit my friend’s summer country,
Or chart a course for the earth’s warm center.

This quest of mine for perpetual winter began
when I was born
I did not cry when spanked
But smiled and chuckled when I was
brought to the hospital window
That bright and early morn.
Of course I did
For outside I saw the falling snow,
Felt the cold so fierce.

From that time on my quest
has led me to this place,
An island of my choosing
A solitude embraced.

So come ye frustrated travelers
To ski, snowboard, build ice
Sculptures, luge, toboggan,
View the glaciers, peaks and mountains
Polar bears are quite common.

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