Wake Up and See Who I am

By Shaun Sykes

Composed on Thursday June 17, 1999

When you look upon the countenance
of my face, who do you see?
Who is the one that you adore
kiss gently and embrace?

Tell me truthfully:
Who is this staring at you now
A figment or a vision?
Am I a fantasy of yours
that got lost in transition?

How do you see me as you look
A goddess or a maiden? An object
that you use at will
A burden heavy laden?

It took me years to find this out
Through all the tears and lies,
The way you look upon me now
as hidden and disguised.

You changed me into what you want
An object to desire,
These words directed straight at you
Indeed will burn like fire!

Wake up and see who I am
I'm not your child or daughter,
I'm not the doll that you picked out
Arriving through mail order.

The servant that you wish for
[ Not me, oh no! ]
who'll clean up all your mess,
Obey you blindly, that's your wish
To worship you and bless.

Your mother does not live here
To baby, spoil and tan,
Grow up you ignoramus
Show me that you're a man.

Sex kittens are so cuddly
But you won't find one here,
I strip for no one but myself
My body I hold dear.

Just who I am, unknown to you
A lady fair, a woman true.

Do not forget that I am here
See me and not a vision,
I am your wife, I am your friend
Put this in your equation.

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