Time Has No Place For Me
(by Shaun Sykes)
Composed on July 16-17, 1996

See me. touch me, feel my presence
I'm human and have
wants, desires.
I dream, I build, I destroy
Like all my fellow human kindred.

We all start out so young,
so small
Along the way we explore,
stumble, crawl
even fall.

We reach adulthood,
stick our chests out
Think we have it made
Our brief glimpse of reality
will soon begin to fade.

A thief, a tyrant comes along
Larger than us all
Sweeps by us, trips us
Drags us down
A short but narrow hall.

A race for all who
live on earth
To us we trudge along,
A battle for supremacy
The weakest to the strong.

Time has no place for me
or you
We do not realize,
A friend companion
in our youth
Sweeps over us in disguise.

We whither, bend
forget alot
Our hair begins to whiten,
Time speeds us on,
the grave is near
A view I'm sure will frighten.

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