Those who live in Crystal Palaces
Shouldn't throw Stones at Glass Houses

(by Shaun Sykes)

Composed on November 23 and December 3-4, 1997

Stones fly, stones strike
Pick them up, raise your arm
Throw, throw, throw!
Glass breaks, shatters and
fills the ground.

Why did you do this?
Who am I to you?
Do you hate me that much?
The pain of the glass cutting my feet
is unbearable, but I walk on.

A glass house is fun
to break and shatter
So fragile, so weak
So open, so new.

But think how my house
really differs from yours
They both can be broken
when objects break through.

The crystal is beautiful
You shine it with pride
I wonder what secrets
or sins you must hide?

You trim it in red
Is there blood on your hands?
All the people you kill
are now buried in sand.

The finest cut crystal
that money can buy
To show off to the world
Friends and family, you try.

A fortress you built up
So looming and tall
When the rocks start to fly near
It will crumble and fall.

You lock yourself away
Hiding from the world, no doubt
Your guilt will come out soon
And there goes your clout.

Don't you know that crystal
is more fragile than glass!
The impact of the stones will cut,
smash or break your abode
Damage all the workmanship
Leave you open, naked, vulnerable
to all the outside forces
Trying to tear you down.

Stop before you pick up that stone
Judge not others
before you judge yourself
Hide not behind those who are persecuted.

For the stone you throw
will be thrown back at you
Faster and with more accuracy
Joined by many more too!

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