There's a Song in My Heart

(by Shaun Sykes)

Composed on March 12, 1996

Melodious music quickly
fills the air
Many indulge
But Oh, should I dare?

Join with the crowd
It looks like such fun
My conscience bothers me
I'm just set to run.

The beat gets me moving
Tapping my feet
I'm out of my seat
With one or two leaps.

The faces look dismayed
Shock fills their eyes
Has he been drinking,
is he sick, insane
or high?

This christian young man
Who grew up in church
bahaves rather wildly
Like a bird off his perch.

What the crowd doesn't know,
are aware of or can see
Is the sweet metamorphosis
Which takes over me.

There's a song in my heart
That's bursting to get out
And whether I choose to
sing, scream dance or shout.

My feelings overcome
my strong sense of reserve
I take a deep breath
And then gain the nerve.

To sing a few lyrics of
Jazz, Gospel, Rhythm & Blues
That chills the whole body
From the hair, right down
to the shoes!

As soon as they hear it,
Tears soon rise and fall
They forget about me
and soon grip the walls.

This song that God gave me
Will help you face life
One of many solutions
to overcome strife.

Please don't turn a deaf ear,
criticize or protest
It's a heavenly tool
That removes your distress.

My song is for you
Take in every word
Your soul will soar freely
And praises will be heard!

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