The World Caught on Fire
But I Slept on Soundly
(by Shaun Sykes)
Composed on June 13, July 18 & July 20, 1996

Fire, Fire
What a blaze!
Many Eyes wander
Stare and gaze.

People scurry
to and fro
Widespread panic
Go man, GO!

Buildings burning
Screams heard loud,
Who will calm
this fearful crowd?

What set these fires? I wonder
to myself - was it deliberate
as in arson, an act of
God, faulty wiring

This would be true for one
or two blazes afar,
But sixty and counting
It's getting bizarre.

Fire engines
honk their horns.
Emergency vehicles
speed by with scorn.

Police and authorities
haven't a clue,
Keep order and peace
Mostly nothing they do.

What more could happen?
I hear a crash!
Planes collide roughly
Remains burn to ash.

Power lines rupture
Electricity goes out,
Gas tanks explode
Get down, please don't shout!

Floods are apparent
People they drown,
Higher ground sought for
Safe and sound?

Transistor radio
reporting the news,
Gives us a shock
when relating their views.
Massive destruction
From this we can't hide,
The same thing we face
goes around worldwide.

The leaders of earth meet
and talk of solution,
Speculation runs wild
but they reach no conclusion.

Have we been attacked by
alien enemies from space?
Good as any guess so far
with all that we face.

Just then I wake up
Oh boy what a dream!
I shout and laugh loudly
But then start to scream!

My surroundings are charred
I smell smoke everywhere,
All around me lay ruins
Except for my lair.

The world caught on fire
But I slept on soundly,
The noise and the chaos
disrupts and confounds me.
How could I sleep through this
Am I still alive?
Or has death's angel stolen
My will to revive?

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