The Story of the Inebriated Butterfly
By Shaun Sykes
Composed on Saturday December 15, 2001

It is thought that all caterpillars and only caterpillars make the transformation into butterflies. Well, its time to topple that myth and tell you the story of one butterfly who became a young woman – full of life, energy, freedom, laughter and mystery. Her name is Allison.

As the season began when all butterflies began their long journey of flight and enlightenment, one of them was unusually sad and worried. “ Allison, you look so distant – pre-occupied somehow. What’s wrong with you,” said the elder butterfly? “ I don’t know really. I feel lonely sometimes – Like I don’t belong here,” said Allison gloomily. The elder butterfly asked with confusion, “What do you mean when you say you don’t belong here? We all belong here, we are butterflies after all. The land, trees, grass and air are our homes, the east coast of America is our habitat.” “ Look at the caterpillars over there. They make their cocoons and transform into great insects – a life of mystery and magic. But after you become a butterfly, the magic ends,” said Allison. “Magic is what you make it my dear. I’m 678 years old, and have not had a single day of boredom yet. You have to create your own mystery and magic in the end,” declared the elder butterfly. Allison then commented, “I do like the humans ever so much, they are so full of life and activity. To be human would be the greatest thing to me in the world right now. Then I would never get bored or lonely, I would belong to the human race and would have fun all the time!” “I don’t know about having ‘fun all the time,’ but you would never get lonely for sure – there are too many of them on this earth to go around. Be careful what you wish for young one – It may just come true, but you may not like the results,” declared the elder butterfly, and with that she flew away in haste.

Allison had been reading books of magic and spell casting and had worked out that she only needed to believe hard enough for the transformation to take place. That night, she came upon a multitude of humans celebrating with great excitement. She flew into the trees and hid until the party was over. After the last guest left, she flew down to take a closer look. There was food and beverages everywhere! “ These humans do make a mess after they celebrate,” she thought. She flew around the grounds and into the large house, through its rooms and outside again. “ Oh how I long to be human, what a life they lead,” thought Allison, while flying over the many tables set up outside. Just then a great commotion occurred; a young couple that stayed behind began to argue and scream at each other. The woman picked up a bottle of vodka and threw it in the direction of the man – right at him in fact, barely missing his head. “You pig,” she shouted, “ the wedding is off!” The bottle shattered in the middle of the large table, and sent many portions of liquor in the half filled glasses flying. The mixture of alcohol hit Allison like a large title wave would hit an unsuspecting surfer, and sent her into a large glass of liquid – this drink was oddly called a Long Island Iced Tea. To avoid drowning in this alcoholic mixture, she forced herself out of the glass, onto the table and into the grass below. Soaking wet, coughing and near unconsciousness, her thoughts turned to the overwhelming experience. “This curious beverage is quite tasty. I could definitely get use to this! All I want in life now is to become human, that’s all I want,” gasped Allison, before passing out.

This night was strange indeed, but what is to happen next is that much stranger and the more wondrous.

Allison was awakened by the sound of a large lawn mower, and the sun shining brightly in her eyes. “The sound is getting louder, closer,” she observed. “I’d better fly away before it is too late.” Allison tried to fly, but couldn’t leave the ground. “What’s wrong with me? If I don’t fly out of here I’m dead meat for sure,” she shouted! She tried again, but failed. She flapped her arms and jumped and leaped, but try as she may she still couldn’t fly. What a sight to behold! A naked girl flapping and jumping around like this – in broad daylight! Just then the gardener ran over to her with a long white robe and threw it over her. “In the name of decency young woman, please put this on and cover yourself! We thought that all the guests had left the party last night or earlier this morning. You must’ve passed out here and have just awoken this morning,” said the gardener. Startled and shocked, Allison asked, “You can see me? Do you often address this way and put clothing on butterflies?” “My good woman,” bellowed the gardener, “ You are a young woman, not a butterfly! The strong drink, in this case alcohol, must’ve gone to your head – go inside and sober up!” Still shocked, Allison went inside, found a large bathroom and locked the door shut. She took off the rode and looked at herself in the mirror. No wings, no butterfly body, no antennae or beautiful colors. “ I’m human, human, human, human, human, human,” she gasped. “My wish came true,” she shouted.

Well she came to live with this rich family at this large house, where they considered her the long lost daughter of the parents. She never became a butterfly again, or what we consider one at least. The curious mixture of alcohol that she was hit with and fell into became her drink of choice, and much aggression came out of her if she drank too much of it. When she came to town to consume alcohol, many ran away – you can only be battered and bruised a few times before you wake up and run from those causing you harm. And that was the Inebriated Butterfly Allison.

There is one unique thing that you should know. While looking over her new body, she found an intricate tattoo of a beautiful butterfly attracted to the glow of a bottle of liquor – the beverage was unlabeled. This tattoo was placed in an undisclosed location on her body, and she never knew how it got there.
I believe if she read over her books of magic and spell casting and truly believed, she would then become a butterfly again. Just watch out for the strong drink this time.

A final thought; when thinking about her strange transformation and at the times that she sees and tries to communicate with the many colonies of butterflies that she finds, her only comment is what has become her favorite saying – “Whatever.”


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