The Shadow in my eye
(by Shaun Sykes)
Composed on Monday/August 29, 1988

It's here, it's there it's everywhere
I see it in my sleep,
A dark cloud looms above me
So long, so vast, so deep.

I try to hide, escape the darkness
waiting for my eyes,
It sneaks around the corner
Consumed in a disguise.

One day I caught a glimpse of it
where only light should be,
As I drew closer to the spot
it winked its eye at me.

I ran for cover to avoid this
dark and evil spectre,
But when I reached the spot I sought
it met me there with laughter.

My face turned swiftly to the mirror
Looking for protection,
To my surprise I saw no darkness
in this glass reflection.

Did my wits fail me for that moment
What's this crazy feeling?
The dark spot which was on the floor
now crawls upon the ceiling.

The questions swirl around my head;
Why do I see these phantoms?
No one else seems to notice them,
they give me such a tantrum.

The darkness seems to grow and grow
I know not where to turn to,
They disappear and in a second
reappear anew.

And now the shadows from all objects
on the land and sea,
Combine to form the shadow in my eye
that will not leave me.

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