The Quality of Patience

( by Shaun Sykes)

Composed on January 23 - 29, 1998

Patience, the overpowering virtue we all have
To wait, to listen
To act, to see
To plan, to love
To reap, to be

As children we all try and want
to have our own way
The patience is small now
and often gives way.

It grows with us daily
and we compromise
With the people around us
Some of which we despise.

Through cuts, scrapes and falls
Our bodies endure much pain
The healing process can be slow
and to us very strange.

We learn in school, it tasks our brains
Our nerves we keep in tact
To build a mind and mold a heart
For this we make a pact.

The childhood that we held so dear
has run away with feet
And facing us adulthood stares
We stand, we grab, we greet.

So many wondrous things to see
So much we must behold
The choices must be made by us
and not by who we're told.

The world is waiting for me
Mistakes are looming by
Hands and arms are held out for me
Spike rise to the sky.

You forge your way, make up your mind
Pursue the life you make
If your road is blocked by friend or foe
You find another way.

The job hunt process all must face
A game unto itself
Apply ourselves, send resumes
Our dreams acquire wealth.

We meet our mate, and as we date
the bells of marriage start ringing
You keep your cool, enjoy the day
The ring you did not bring!

So now you learn each other
The good things and the bad
Surprises are in store for you
Some things to make you mad.

Before you know what's happened
A child is on the way
The blessed event arrives but with it
Comes much disarray

The couple has expanded
No longer you and I
First one, then two and maybe more
You buy, and buy and buy

Those smaller young ones that you cared for
Ready to leave the nest
They look at life as you did once
Did I give them my best?

You sit and look at all your life
So quick to hit its peak
You're old now, tired, sullen, hoping
Rest is what you seek

The quality of patience makes us greater
Lifts our wills quite tall
A strength possessed by all of us
To stand and never fall

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