The Green Rose
By Shaun Sykes
Composed on Sunday - October 18, 1998

A green rose? Are you mad,
Are you daft, are you crazy
I 've never heard of such a thing you say.

Many wonders lie hidden
before your eyes
As I reveal to you today.

There are flowers that bloom
and flowers that die,
Brilliant colors they have
Which much please the eye.

Roses exist throughout the world
Full sized and miniature
Thorny and furled.

Colors beam forth like the
Rainbows above,
Precious and pretty
All that you love.

But could there be the signs
Of the green rose so dim,
The green that you recognize
comes from the stem.

You've hated the rose
From childhood until now,
The thorns and the petals
Have hurt you, so you vow

To kill and to uproot
To stamp out and crush,
To cut down the growing
To cover up the rush.

And with pesticides,
sprays, chemicals,
machinery tools and labor,
You mount your attack
A victory you savor.

Not a single rose is safe
You've destroyed many millions,
The joy that you seek
When you've weeded out billions.

Not even the rose that is
made out of glass,
Is safe and secure from
your deadly grasp.

When will you be satisfied
Pleased or relieved,
The planet is decimated
Way beyond belief.

An ironic paradox
We see happens now
Confusing and strange
Only heaven allows.

Thorns and roses grow out
and break from your skin,
There's no fertile ground here
How could they begin?

They all come together
and cover what's left,
Of the human remains
To us a great theft.

Now that rose that I speak of
That you've never heard of or seen,
Stands before me with terror
Yielding petals dark green.

You've become the thorny flower
you hate and despise,
What happened? Are you dreaming?
Such an evil disguise.

Weapons of annihilation
are now turned in your direction,
Explain who you are or were
Convince with correction.

Will you escape, run and hide?
Get away? Oh it's doubtful,
So much you've destroyed
Now it's your turn
Don't lull!

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