The Graveyard
(by Shaun Sykes)
Composed on March 29, 1996

I see bones everywhere!
I see bones lying flat or on their sides.
Some are held together by decaying
flesh, while others lie loose, trapped
inside small piles of clothing.
There are so, so many bodies
that I've lost count.

Where am I? Where did they all come from?

Oh yes, I'm in the graveyard - a funny place
to be at this time of morning! Well, this is
the place I end up in after too many late night snacks, milkshakes and upset stomachs!
Won't you join me?

What happened to these poor, unfortunate
souls who lie here! How did they end up
here? Why can't I leave them alone?
I come here every night - If I can get no
peace, why should they?
I like walking over graves.

Come with me, lets walk for a while.
Have you ever seen so many headstones
before in your life? Beautiful aren't they?
Must of cost their families a fortune!
Well, when you mistreat the living in life,
you have to make up for the guilt felt after
death somehow - so why not lavish their
remains with expense. It works doesn't it?
Well at least, they're beautiful.

Look at all the causes of death......... N
shootings here, heart attacks over there,
explosions around the corner [M]. Here
are some babies who died during birth,
and some before birth. Which is which?
Only I know.

Well look at this! Twenty nine fire victims,
killed by a jealous boyfriend who set an
apartment on fire. Too bad he's not here, hugh!
And ten plots down are the fifteen women who
were stalked, brutally raped, beaten and killed
by the famous question mark stalker. I bet these
ladies can't wait to get their hands on him!!

Don't let me forget the plane [Q], train and automobile crash victims, the suicides, drug
overdoses, hospital fatalities or the many
others who lie here this fine, early morning!
I can't recall how many times I've visited
my friends here, but it has definitely been
over one hundred.

Names escape me, but what does it matter now?
You're given a name at birth, a few million
numbers are attached to you during life, and at
death, here you lie in a numbered plot.

The graves cry out for you.... Hear them if you
will! Yes, no one comes to visit them anymore
but me, you and the countless others who drift
and wander here in their sleep. Or are you really
alseep? Pinch yourself to make sure!

I hope you've enjoyed your tour of the grave-
yard. Vacancies are always open.... just make
a reservation and drop into one of our six inch
holes! Thank you for not feeding the occupants -
they can't eat anyway. Come again, real soon!

What's this! A tear? I'm afraid that's not
allowed here! Strickly forbidden! I must ask you
to leave the premises immediately!

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