The Freedom Game
(by Shaun Sykes)
Composed on Thursday - July 2, 1992

They beat me down, down, down!!
They beat me down, to the ground, for what I'd found.

Freedom's just a grasp away
Grab it, hold it…

Chances are you just might lose it
When you play the freedom game.

High stakes are what you play for
Space and time are out for grabs
More than this is what you lose
Family, peace, order, dreams.

All the things you treasure most
Thrown upon a dirty table,
Yet you play and squander money
Winning's in you mind and soul.

What's it like, How does it feel
When they chain you down at night,
Steel and iron, brick and concrete
Bind you, hold you, fence you in.

Who says the world's a prison…
If you know, tell me now!
Who designs the jails and slams the doors shut.

So many stories from the past
Hints of slavery - Human trash!
Herded like cattle - Taken from the motherland,
Forced to work - no one understands.

I'm in the modern world,
This can't happen to me.
I'm too good for this!!!!

Wake Up Call,

What makes you so special
My Brother & Sister.
Are you so good?

I know I'm different
So why am I playing this deadly game?
Who made the rules and
Who gave me the shame.

So I wager all I have
(say hi to Mom and Dad),
To gain the freedom they all say I should have.

Is it really worth it?

Can I take much more pain?
I've learned to live with the loneliness!

Oh who really cares! I'm just another gambler,
But I know what really counts …
The love of God and self-esteem.

Guess that's why they beat me down!

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