The Dark Years
(by Shaun Sykes)
Composed on the dates of Sunday/August 23,
Tuesday/August 25 and Monday/October 12, 1998

Come take a walk with me through my dark years.
But first we must take a detour to see how life
fares in your neighborhood.

These are terrible times - times filled with
misery, fear and scorn and strife! Unanswered
dreams and hopes fill the lives of the people everywhere.

How can we walk down the streets and lanes when
the bodies lie strewn all over the place? If this horrific
vision doesn't knock you out, then the smell of the
rotting corpses certainly will.

Safety in numbers? What does it matter?
One or one hundred, what do they care?

No longer human, their target is you
Many are they, you're caught outside
What on earth will you do?

Call the police? Run and hide?
Danger awaits you on every side.

They catch you and hold you
Cut you in half,
Rip out your insides
Digest you and laugh!

Well I guess you won't want to go out there too soon.
So you made it this far along the way -
let's go inside now.

Close the door quickly, so glad to be here,
Comfort and shelter, loved ones so dear.

Apartment, condo, one or two family home
Let's get things together,
I must answer the phone.

Who's that, who's screaming? What's going on?
Those that are with me are melting
and their bones are gone.

My foot catches fire. I'm bleeding inside!
My body turns to liquid
I melt and I die.

A rather sticky and heated situation if you ask me.
Where do we head to next? I know.......
Let's take a look at me.

Cold and alone, barren and scared
I look over my shoulder and
wonder who's there.

My nerves do betray me - after you've been stabbed
in the back with many swords, you tend not to
Trust a single sole.

My protection doesn't lie in my back against a brick,
concrete or steel wall. The swords they make now
penetrate even the strongest walls.

I had a good life, and was brought up and raised well.
Those that I touched seem to like me, who couldn't?
A handsome looking fellow like myself could charm
The pants off even the most contemptible rogues.
This world offers many of them. Let me tell you
it was some feat to accomplish.

The faces of all of those I loved and admired are blurred,
hazy and faded in my mind. I has been so long since
I've seen them alive.

Were they all taken from me - or did I let them slip away?
No! I don't want to hear it! I don't and won't hear of this!

A young man is raised to meet the woman of his dreams,
the romance takes then the marriage. This usually happens
in one's 20s or early 30s - give or take, and one lives
a carved out life that has been fashioned and molded
through the ages. That is, if one gets the chance to live
out that life. I didn't. I waited and met her late in life.

Thirty seven years
not a mate in sight
Who cares about love
Like a kite on a flight
Out of sight!

I'd stopped looking and praying
There's no one for me
No love of my own
No sweet bumble bee.

Then the mountain came down
And hit me, out cold
I woke up and enlightened,
Enamored I'm told.

Love was easy with her
Our hearts soon became one
An inseparable couple
who had lots of fun.

After the wonderful wedding ceremony,
we lived and loved and cherished
Every day as our last together. How
could I know how short our happiness
would really be - far short of forever.

But they all saw that didn't they. Those sick,
twisted evil foes. Not only the black witches,
which I believe at first were the cause of
my misery. No, there were others from the
future and beyond.

We had two beautiful daughters, two years apart
Full of life and love, expecting a long and loving
Time with their parents. How wrong we all were.
If we only knew. But somehow, I've always known.

The prophecy for me you see, was handed down to
me by my ancestor, who fought the witches in the
year 77 - and many years before.

Who would of thought that the chosen one was me?
Everyone expected it to be them. Power, might and
strength were just the beginning. Generations upon
generations tried to grab hold of the heirship, but it
slipped through each one of their fingers. To my lap
did the precious jewel fall.

If I could give it all back I would, let me tell you.
I'd rather have my family, my life and my home.
But fate took my bride from me, and left me sad,
bitter and alone.

They came from the future
To wipe my life out,
Instead they found her
and destroyed he no doubt.

So the love of my life was smashed and ripped from me
So dims the light,
They may have killed her
but she gave a good fight.

She protected our daughters
Kept their lives bur gave her own,
Though a trained and skilled fighter
Had to die all alone.

My grief suspended briefly
For the little ones I live,
I must tend to the wholeheartedly
All within me I give.

But how long can I keep this up
To my duty must begin,
I'm a leader in this battleground
In a war we all want to win.

All my days are filled with sadness, all the
Years dark and dreary. For my daughters
and I there are no rays of sunshine, no more
happy days, no more quiet times for us.
Now begins the dark years, cold, transparent,
violent……..leaving a long, bloody trail to the grave.

And now starts my saga
With much hate inside,
You can fight hard, travel for miles
There's no place you can hide!

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