The Cursed One

by Shaun Sykes

Composed on Thursday June 17, 1999

Is it lonely where you are
Do you see the light?
Does the sound of this quaint voice
Influence you tonight?

You were told, you were warned
Not to hope and dream,
Future days return to past
What is your grand scheme?

The signs were all around you
But you saw love instead,
The feelings that you gathered
went right straight to your head.

You tried for weeks, you tried for months
Years went on and on,
Rejections soar, no love in sight
What you felt is gone!

Your sights were set on the wrong ones
Fine witches you offended,
A spell was cast, a curse was set
And you were the intended.

So here you lie
Alone and beaten
Suffering defeat,
You'll never love, date, marry or unite
All unions crumble at your feet.

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