The Candle
By Shaun Sykes
Composed on September 5, 2000


Light the flame so quickly
Burns and sparkles bright,
I see you and you see me
Eyes flicker in the light.

You give a candle to me
A scent I can not tell,
Ignite the flame that catches on to
melted wax that fell.

The world is bleak and dreary
No light shines anywhere,
How can the people see or work
Or through the darkness bear?

Why stand there with your questions?
So filled with speculations?
Help me pass along the fire
Shining inspiration.

I pass another candle to my neighbor
Who’s down and out,
And light the flame of hope and help
And peace – resolving doubt.

Spread the flame of hope and love
Light the way for others,
Lend your help to those in need
A gesture we uncover.

This is the candle of your life
Make sure no one blows it out!

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