The Agony of Despair
(by Shaun Sykes)
Composed on February 11, 12, 14 & 16, 1993

You are in the dark. You speculate on
whether your eyes are open or shut, but
your eyes are of no use to you as they
peer into the black mist.

Just then you hear something in the
distance. "Friend or foe," you shout. You
are met with an answer of sinister
laughter! "Who are you?" More laughter
hits you as footsteps get louder and


Just as you turn, a bright light flashes
and shines on a figure. Oh no, it's the
deadly despair and it has a long, blood
stained sword. It points the weapon in
your direction. "You're my next victim," it hisses.

A sharp pain hits you in the back. You
pass out from the repeated pain of cuts,
slashes and stabs.

Hope is built on fulfillment. Confidence is something believed in.
When you lose both, what's left? That awful feeling of despair!

Trapped - I can't get out - I can't get out!!!

The more you scream, the softer your screams become. The louder
you yell, the more they ignore you. Things will get better they say,
they just have to. But they never do!

Things will get better - ain't that a laugh!
Where's that coming from - above, within, around me
even? Can't get away - can't run and hide! I see and
feel despair, but I hear hope like a loudspeaker in
my hand, blasting music in my ears.

Who says it will get better? Do they know me or my
problems? Tell me who it is, or who they are, so I can
grab them, shove them to the ground and viciously stomp
on their heads!

Foolishly you look to the future, but what sort of future
will it be? Clear or cloudy? Promising or polluted?

What does a college degree really do for you anyway?
Here I am, stuck in a low paying, meaningless,
endless job, and I can't get out of it. I have a
degree, but is it really helping me? Does the statement
'It's not what you know, but who you know'
stand true for all situations? If it does, what's
the use then? I don't know anyone.

You try to climb the ladder, which you can see is in
the attic. As you take the first step, you realize
that you're underneath the basement floor! Hey,
wait a minute. I was just on the first floor!
What happened? What do I do now?

When I was young I dreamed of a bright future
with a new tomorrow. Now I'm in the future, and
things look very bleak from my viewpoint. Dashed
hopes and drowned dreams make great welcome mats.
After you wipe your dirty feet on them, you just
throw them away.

When do I get my share? When is my tomorrow bright
and rosy? I deserve a share, a half, a part.
When do I get it?

They say - help yourself, don't depend on others to
help you. That's all well and fine for those with
the means to help themselves. I was like that -
not too long ago. But now, I must depend on others
to survive in this cold, heartless world.

My moods, the ever meandering rivers of change,
have shifted on me time and time again since despair
hit my life. As I drift on, I hit one rock of
trouble after the other, scratched and scarred
beyond belief. Flipping, bouncing and turning,
I float on as despair sweeps me along. The weight
pushes me down, I can swim but not very well.
Do you want to drown me! No, you don't. I see your
evil plan. Up ahead, I hear rushing water. Will you
crush me in the rapids, or send me down the waterfall?

Brace yourself! Here it comes!!!

Despair hits you like a shower of bullets, forcing
you to the ground in a pool of blood. Despair, like
the angel of death, comes in the midst of your
family and robs them of someone precious and dear.
That cunning scoundrel, who embezzles your money,
hijacks your airplane, inflates your economy or
ruins your reputation, DESPAIR IS EVERYWHERE.

What do I do? How can I handle it? Can I fight this
and win? Here's a little something to use on
despair when it hits you;


Use daily as needed. Guaranteed to work on contact.
Full refund if not satisfied.

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