See With Your Ears,
Hear With Your Eyes
By Shaun Sykes
Composed on September 8, 2000


Louder than thunder
The noise came closer and closer
What lights, what sights
The scent was strong, almost overwhelming!
You could feel it in the air
Breathe it, taste it
Tasteless, but quite bitter in your mouth.

But how can I actually comprehend it at all?
Strangely enough
My eyes are where my ears were
and vice versa!
Oh what can I do now?
Who will lead me to my daily destinations?
Who will read to me?
Won’t you help me?

Just then, the old wise woman came to me
and hit me with her cane in back of the head.
Haven’t you learned anything, she said. The answer
Is so simple – See with your ears, hear with your eyes!
How difficult can that be?

So I tried it,
And it worked.
The crazy old woman was right!
I can understand it now.
I no longer need your help,
it is you who need help.

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