Said the Married Man to the Single

( by Shaun Sykes)

Composed on October 30-31 & November 4-5, 1997

They met on a quiet and
chilly fall day
How they met has no meaning
to this tale I relay.

The wind blew the leaves
from the trees to the streets
Where costumed figures just days ago
bellowed eerily 'Trick or Treat!'

Two men, young and healthy
Both in their prime
Boast life's abundance
and take pride in their great lives.

My wife is the sweetest
As sweet as can be
No other woman can do
anything for me.

You jerk, you fool!
How can one woman compare
to the beauty and splendor
of all women, pair by pair.

Women are like secured doors -
Many locks and one latch
Light them and open swiftly,
Blow them out like a match!

I believe the fool is who I'm talking to
You stupid twit!
There's a point that I'm making
That you just don't get.

Many women are out there
You can choose any one
But load the gun quickly
you've no time to run!

What good can you show me
Is there in this marriage thing?
A life full of misery
and one expensive ring.

Bury it quickly
Give me no more
Its ghastly and stinking
Rotten to the core.

Commitment is golden
My life is complete
A marriage and children
Something that you can't beat.

We love one another
A package wrapped and sealed
No difficulty can tear us
No problems to be revealed.

My thoughts are my own
A single process
No union or couple
to cause me much stress.

I am my own boss
I go where I please
No one makes my decisions
I declare with much ease.

Yes you are alone
How long will you last?
The life that you lead
can end in a blast!

When you get much older
No family to cling
No loved ones and namesakes
Depressed and worn thing!

I live for today
No fool is seen here
You stay with your family
While life passes near.

Both men stood up quickly
with fists raised up high
A fire engulfing
A painful denial.

Then both men stopped suddenly
They each say to themselves
Why fight him when envy
takes much of ourselves.

He's married, he's single
But if things were reversed
I'd long for his position
Break free from this curse!

Said the Married Man to the Single
Enjoy your freedom while you can
Said the Single Man to the Married
Enjoy your family
Loneliness is hard to understand.

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