Rejection's My Lot,It Happens Alot

(by Shaun Sykes)

Composed on March 18, 1996

Why in the world does this happen to me? I'm a nice fellow : handsome, good-natured, polite, rather charming. But yet I get rejected by one woman after the next. What's my problem?

Am I too nice? Not outspoken enough I guess. Women today seem not to like the silent type - and you know what they say - 'Nice guys finish last.' Are they right?

Politeness, A Trait ThatIs Greeted, Quite RudeWith Negative VibesAnd Much Attitude.

A Good-natured GentlemanThat's What I amIs Not An AttractionTo You, Is it Mam?

Lots of women want rough-necks with a bad streak in them. Abusive, unmannerly, crude males are the attraction of the day. Are they losing their minds? I guess they feel that rougher males can handle them.

Guys like me are considered potential walk- overs.

Or do they want comics that make them laugh, giggle, feel good all the time. Some of these guys are rude, but the women keep coming back for more. Accepted and taken.

Must I be a brother and friend to every woman on earth? When does love come to me? When do I experience romance, companionship, to- getherness?

Oh, Look at MeSuch a Poor Wrech UndoneTo Come Under FireFacing The Gun.

Am I that bad? Do all my good ways offend? I can't tell you how many times I've looked for friends, companions, something more, only to be rejected, turned down, cast aside or ignored.

Should I change my ways, go along with their wishes? Who would I be then - a carbon copy of myself rearranged for their pleasure and amusement. A high price to pay for short company spent.

Excuses, Excuses! I've had it with excuses!

The Ones That I'm HearingSo Frequent the MoreAre Making Me Tired,Listless and Bored.

I have a boyfriend, fiance', husband, man... I only want to be friends with you... You are not that special to me for a relationship... Thank you for helping me with my problems - I don't need you now - until next time... You're good for as laugh, but nothing more!

What Do You Take Me ForIs This A Game?My Heart Is BrokenAnd You're To Blame!

They say there are more fish in the sea, just cast out your lines and hooks farther and deeper. Why should I do that? I would only attract and catch a different variety of the same thing. No thanks mate!

No. I'll keep to myself - leave the population alone. I'm better off that way.

Well, until the good Lord blesses me with a companion......

Rejection's My Lot,It Happens Alot.

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