Never Too Corporate to
Have a Little Fun
(by Shaun Sykes)
Composed on August 7 - 8, 1996

Off to work
Go to school,
Earn a living
Golden Rule.

Dress your best
Nice and neat,
From your hair
to your feet.

Suits and long ties
Bo ties too,
Plastered on you
Applied with glue.

Dresses, jackets
stockings fit,
Pants or slacks,
Not double knit!

Perfect picture
Do not laugh,
Groom yourself
and take a bath!

We are perfect
aren’t we though?
I forgot how to
touch my toes...
Or was it take it slow?

Is this a picture of you?
Are you a puppet on a
string being manipulated
by your job, corporation,

My guess is that you live for,
eat, sleep, drink and dream of
work. It’s in your mind, body
and soul.

Tell me truthfully - when is the
last time you really had fun?

Work - the necessary evil of life
Grabs you then pulls you
Cuts like a knife!

Those of you bitten
Swelling with pain,
Strive for success
Much money to gain.

Corporate dolls
wind - up and go,
Absent of will
Ready for show.
Different from me
Oh you bet, guaranteed,
There are no strings
I’m as free as can be.

Mannequins you are
with no will of your own,
Pointless and weightless
Dry as a bone.

My body moves freely
I go to and fro,
Staring just briefly
I soon have to go.

The corporate takeover
of workers galore,
Leaves little happiness
Not too much more.

Who has the fun while
you work all day long,
Hours go by then your
boss rings the gong!

The freedom I feel
Is greater, bar none,
I’m never too corporate
to have a little fun.

You cry and you scream out
We have fun all the time,
But recollection is dim
and treated as a crime.

Dress down day brings a smile
But is really a joke,
You take off one uniform
and then you invoke

Another corporate suit with
short sleeves or a leisure dress,
This makes you feel eased
Really stupid, I guess.

Your outlook is grim
Get a life, save yourself,
Grab back a part
Take it off of the shelf!

You glare at me
As if out of my mind,
Give me excuses
Many you find.

Corporate is the life
that you choose,
It comes with much sacrifice
and many hard rules.

Well, I am what I am
Individual you can see,
This vast corporate monster
will never get me.

Break free, take a day off
Hide, quickly run,
Get away from the bosses
who stand there with guns.

There is much more to life
Go and find it I say,
Put the corporate behind you
Make a difference today.

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