My Own Personal Holiday
By Shaun Sykes
Composed on February 24-25, 2000

The time of year has come again
It's here within the week,
Prepare yourself for pleasant times
Of joy that reaches peak.

The feelings that come over you
Misunderstood by most,
Possess and overwhelm the heart
With fervency you boast.

This is a season, like no other
Claimed by just a few,
It's something owned, uniquely treasured
Cherish it anew.

Turn back the clock, turn back the years
To 1964,
A hospital in Newark, NJ
Let's open up the door.
A young mother in labor
To her a solemn drive,
A goal to birth her son before
The 29th arrives.
No need to fear for that now
Heaven shares a gift,
The boy's scheduled arrival
Will be the 25th.
And now the wait is over
The doctor spanks the rear,
But this unique arrival
sheds not even a tear.
The doctor takes the baby to a near window,
The baby laughs and giggles at the falling snow.

And now you know my origin
In winter I began,
The colder months I cling to
Most others quickly ran.

The 24th of February
Anticipation looms,
With my special day approaching
Broadcasts echo through every room.

Celebration is in order
Rather festive I should say,
The 25th of February
My own personal holiday!

The last day of the trilogy
Is spent in deep reflection,
Look back to what I did and who I am
Th clarify connection.

Will I look for my family, for friends
And all the rest,
The make this time a special one
A grand and lively fest!

And if they don't remember
Will I get very mad,
If I receive what I don't want
Will react real bad - like a spoiled and broken lad?

I've made up in my mind
The day is what I make it,
The only one to boost or spoil this time is me
And others do their bit.

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