Lovely One

(by Shaun Sykes)

Composed on March 16, 1996

Lovely One
My Heart's Ablaze
When You Enter the Room
At You I Gaze.

A Vision of Heaven
A Glimpse of a Star
Has Drifted to Earth
Unscathed, Not a Mar.

You Notice My Presence
but Don't Turn Around Your Scarf, Pushed off by You
Falls, Hitting the Ground.

I Pick it Up Swiftly
and Notice Your Outfit
Magnificent and Form-fitting
Strickly Legit.

Perfume Fills My Nose,
Not too Loud or Too Sweet
It Stuns My Whole Senses
To Me A Great Treat!

The Face I See Now
Envelopes Me With Ease
I Loose Myself Briefly
Come Rescue Me Please!

You Thank Me Quite Grandly
A Gentleman's Deed
My Kindness is Galant
What the World Greatly Needs.

We Introduce Briefly
Our Plans Are to Dine
Our Courage is Building
We've Crossed that Great Line.

I Say Something Softly
Amusing and Simple
You Laugh and Smile With Me
Exposing Your Dimples.

I'm Blessed to Have Just Met
A Beauty As you
Many Women Have Rejected
I Do Think I'M Due.

Our Attraction Will Take Us
To Heights Up Above
The Plain Of Sensation
A Much Greater Love.

Lovely One to be With You
Is What I Long For
You're an Eloquent Maiden
As Women of Lore.

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