Locked Out!

(by Shaun Sykes)

Composed on March 12, 1996

What's the worst thing you fear
when a key enters a lock?
Will it break, bend or what's worse,
jam in the midst of your trial and error.

Try as hard as you may
The lock will not budge
The key stays in place
and you bear a grudge.

Who are those idiots who make
cheap lock & key sets anyway?
I have the lock for a good rea-
son - security, not aggravation!

Should you kick the door in
Or keep trying your luck
Your fingers start to ache
And you have no more bucks.

Its late - why do I have to deal
with this junk!!
I locked this door to lock out others.
Now I'm locked out!

Who can I turn to?
The key is jammed in so deep.
If I don't get this door open
I will get no sleep!

I hate locks! I hate having them.
I wish that society wasn't so bad,
ruthless and cold - and times so rough.
Whatever happened to the days
where you left everything open.
Nothing was removed or tampered with!
Gone - disappeared like the wind,
or the snow!!

Its moving a little!
Boy, oh boy is this a tedious chore!
Oh no, the key has bent, then broken
Back to the drawing board!

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