Leaving's the Easy Part

( by Shaun Sykes )

Composed on March 11-12, 1996

So you think that's it? Another chance for you to have your fun, make a mess, spread it all around and sneak
out before I have a chance to see you?

Who do you expect to clean up this mess? Out of the three hundred or more things I do all day for you,
one more won't hurt, will it. Just add it to my list
as you always do. Well SWEET LIPS - I've had enough!

What's my problem you ask? How dare you question me
like that! Who are you anyway - Just a man that I married
during a weak, insane period in my life. You mean as
much to me as the toilet paper I flush down the bowl!
I think its time for another!

Four walls, two floors and an attic is the extent of my
travelling year in and year out. Mommy this, sweetheart
that - iron a shirt, make a meal, change a diaper - be
for real!

All those wasted years!! Look what I gave up, and look
what you've taken - my youth, my strength, my hopes,
dreams and desires. You sucked the life from me
like a mosquito sucks blood from its prey!

Children, children, children! My whole life is filled with
children! Pushing, pulling, demanding and needing -
all day, all year, for the rest of my life. Arghh!! Stop!!!!
Irresponsibility at conception, pain (oh the pain) at
birth and aggravation forever more. Does it end?
Let's forget about asking when.

When is enough really enough? I've asked myself
this question for years. After the children are
grown and out on their own? No way BABY -
definitely too late! After we're old and gray, and too
feeble to care about each other - I won't stand
for that! After a trial seperation - where you and I
can have our fun individually - Not in this lifetime!

None of the above will work for me, I'm afraid. The
time is now. I'm leaving! I've reached my limit!
This self-abuse and neglect has gone on too
long. I must now stop it in its tracks.

What about you, you ask? What about the children?
Who will cook, clean after or even take care of us?
I really don't care - SUGAR! Been there, done that!

The children, house, pets, cars, bills, problems,
worries and everything else is yours to keep. I
leave here with my clothes and personal belongings.
Take care of them, will you love. I hear the law is very
hard on fathers who abandon their responsibilities.

Tell the children I love them, but can't stay here anymore.

Well, Good-bye - Adieu - Tah-Tah - See ya!!! Leaving's
the easy part!

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