Is it All Just A Dream?
By Shaun Sykes
Composed on July 27, 1999

How did he know, how could he see?
Who gave him the right to peer into my dreams?

Look at it! Its all true! My feelings, my desires, my wishes and passions. How could he see so deep down inside me.

He writes about me constantly in his poetry and his books, the deep hidden places are revealed for al the world to see.
Every facet of me is written in detail, here is my private life unfolding across the pages of another man's mind. Who is he I wonder, and how can he read me?

I won't stand for it, I tell you
I'll sort him out.
When I finish with him
he will stop this grand spectacle!

Oh look, the perfect place to abruptly stop this public display of my nudity, a book signing. I burst onto the scene and face him eye to eye!

Oh no, It can't be
This must be a trick,
The man of my dreams is the one that I face
And thus my glee must flee.

I can't say anything to him now. My sweet dream has become a very real nightmare, I turn and walk away, defeated.

Before I can reach the door he meets me, puts his hand on my shoulder, surprised both are we.

He calls me my name and says yes, I am the one. We have only seen each other in sleep and in slumber.

Is it all just a dream? I sincerely wonder.

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