(by Shaun Sykes)

Composed on March 25, 1996

when did i become invisible
my head spins around with a kick,
wake me soon from this nightmare
hit my head with a large stick.

my name means nothing to you
my body doesn't distract
ignoring me has an advantage
its plain, a much real fact.

who do i see in the mirror?
my reflection's not even there
i stare at a blank vision
while my likeness has vanished
into thin air.

your words in your
greetings betray you,
you care about me even less
i'm a large bug that you
have to step on
oh look, wipe your feet,
what a mess!

how's your mother this
fine, faithful morning?
is she well and as fine as can be?
let your brother know that
i think of him,
and be sure to say hi for me.

what happened to me
don't you see me?
hello or how do you do
you can't see me
you're looking right through me
i'm the ghost that forgot
to say boo!

if i'm a ghost, where is
my body buried
is it nice with much scenery?
are the grounds kept up regularly
am i 'neath a pineapple
or tangerine tree?

where there flowers at my funeral?
and did many people come?
you know this sounds
quite silly,
quite morbid and so dumb.

you can't fool me,
i'm yet living!
physically fit and in
great health,
i'm an individual in my own right
not a shadow, who's quickly
gone stealth.

to see me is to identify
with my family, that is plain
but recognize me for myself
and stop the stupid game!

invisibility is your blindness
dims your brain and your vision,
our next encounter will be different
words are up to your decision.

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