The Vision
By Shaun Sykes

This is the vision that was given to me in church on Monday evening - March 9, 1998

The devil and his 'Army of Darkness' is moving against the saints of God day by day. There is trouble, strife, pain, suffering and evil lurking all around us. Our president is under attack and in the news daily in a negative way, there are threats and rumors of war - sin is in our midst. Truly, the devil is busy, and seeks to torment and destroy the saints.

There are many kinds of religions and religious practices throughout the United States and the world. From the Pentecostal to the Buddhist, we serve our God, assemble ourselves together and pray that God will deliver his people from the attack of the devil. But as we can see, the saints are scattered apart and sometimes few in number.

I see the attack this way: The christian, church or family assembles together to pray for the world and our situation - while the devil's army assembles all around the fortress and tries to break in and destroy them. While the scriptures say if two or three are gathered together in my name, God dwells in their midst, the devil still finds a way to infiltrate, confuse, disrupt and corrupt. A small group of saints assemble on the outside of the fortress (in a small corner) and begin to pray and praise the Lord. As it is said - when the praises go up, the blessings come down - so when the power of the Lord comes down upon the saints, it drives the devil's army away from that particular spot.
The army regroups (trying to figure out what has just happened) and attacks the other sections of the fortress. Now I see other saints moving into another section and driving devils out, then another section to cast demons out, and another and still another. Pretty soon the army of darkness yields to defeat, and flees in terror after facing the awesome power of God. The fortress is now clear, and the original saints now open the gates so that the saints who were on the outside can come in and join them (in song and in dance, in prayer, praise and supplication).

A great victory has been won - but it can't stop here. There are other saints and christians who need our help, other fortresses that require our spiritual assistance, other souls that need liberation. Our fight is constant and daily.

The message is clear: band together in the Lord's army and fight against the 'Army of Darkness.' You can stay in your small corner of the world and fight a good battle, but alone and isolated - how can you expect to win the war or drive out the enemy? Fight together I say….let the power of God come in us, so we can drive the evil from our midst, from our land, from our world.


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