If You Only Knew

(by Shaun Sykes)

Composed on March 13, 1996

High and Mighty
Attitude galore
Great friend to all
Ego soars!

Are you the one that
Makes all dreams come true?
I doubt it my friend,
As I know they do.

If you only knew
what they thought of you
When they talk amongst themselves
You'd cover your ears,
run and hide
Realize and delve.

Your gifts to them
keep them coming back
Your money is a magnet
If you go broke or cease your ways
I'm sure they'll quickly jet!

You think they love you
want and need you
Better think again
They use you and away from you
Speak of you with disdain!

I talk of family, friends and near ones
Those to which you cling
If you think they are with you
Consider another thing.

While your back is turned
they stab you
You're spoke of like a dog
You're mocked and laughed
at, ridiculed
Made reference to a hog!

Try and see If I'm wrong
Listen to their whispers
Hide and see if these dear people
Gash your good name just like scissors.

You'll see I'm right
take my advice
Beware of your swelled head!
The ones that you consider close
Think of you best as dead!!

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