I Stand Alone
(by Shaun Sykes)
Composed on July 29, 1996

I Stand Alone.
Isolated, clear
in vision,
Cold in heart.

The others look on
They long for me,
Their hands reach
out for me.

I pull away quickly
with disgust and disdain . . .
Don’t look to me for help,
Because I have none to give
or offer.
I really don’t care anymore.

I can see the bombs explode,
feel the heat of the blast,
hear the screams of millions
as they die - with no help in sight.

I Stand Alone
Cold as a frigid evening
in the bleakness of winter.

Hard as a rock, I have no
feelings, sorrow
or remorse.

Should I feel bad ?
Of course not !
Where were they when
I was in deep need,
Eating my last crumb,
Spending my last dime,
Struggling to survive ?

Around, beside, above me
they stood
Lifting not a finger, but
robbing me of what I had,
using me up ;
Then when finished . . .
Tossing me to the wolves!

Oh yes, it was long ago,
But I remember vividly!

So now you dare to ask for
my compassion, aid, humanity!
No ! Die with dignity,
if you have any left !

I care nothing for you .
If there was anything
between us before this time,
it was lost forever in the deep,
dark sea of time and forgetfulness.
Leave my sight this instant!

The way is clear for me now.
I am the only important
aspect of my universe.
No-one will ever get in the way
of my goals, wants, dreams,

What I strive for is the only
important thing to me.
You can’t possibly change
my mind, so don’t even try.

The stage is set. I leave every-
thing and everyone behind.
My journey is ahead of me.
Those who stand in my way
will be crushed !


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