I Laugh No More

( by Shaun Sykes)

Composed on December 1, 1997

Life is an endless, swampy maze
Filled with quicksand,
melting asphalt and burning grass
This is why I laugh no more.

I laugh no more
The sound of laughter turns my stomach
My insides bubble, my skin crawls
I breath the foul air and pass out
hitting the ground with much pain and noise.

This feeling no longer possesses me
I think no happy thoughts
I see no humor in anything
To me, a laugh is an ancient thing
I laugh no more.

I laugh no more because I've forgotten how
It's been so long that it pains me to think of
Years go by, seasons change
But that dastardly feeling passes me bye
Is it scared of crossing my path?

Does a laugh come with happiness?
Is it a silly, melancholy expression
that starts deep inside you
Crawling its way up forcefully
Struggle after struggle
Until it finally bursts out of you uncontrollably?
If it is, then I have no laughter left in me
For I laugh no more!

Or is this laughter a whim or
fit of fancy? A response maybe
to a humorous situation,view or circumstance?
Something that you as a human
can and will do.
Well I must not be human because
I laugh no more.

You say to yourself, I've had a bad experience
I must be sad, hurt, scorned or abused.
So what if any of these things are true -
They may all be false! I simply say
I laugh no more.

I laugh no more
So what will become of me? Will you
joke in my presence? When the funny story
or situation arises, will you all run away from me?
Will comical lines be kept from me as in secret?
Will you shut off the television, change the channel
on the radio, cut out the comics in the newspaper?
I don't care what you do. Just know this -
I laugh no more!

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