I've Learned the Power of Silence

( by Shaun Shaun )

Composed on February 1-2, 1998


This is a noisy world we live in
Loudness jolts our every senses
To yell and scream is our normal communication
Our ears rumble day by day.

Speak up and they will hear you
Make noise and you will stay
If you whisper they'll ignore you
Quiet people get swept away.

Why are you so quiet you ask?
You're just shy you all think
I have found a greater treasure
See it quickly lest you blink.

While you talk, butt in my business
Tell me your troubles, why?
I just sit and listen closely
Know you nothing of me, try.

I've learned the power of silence
And with it I will gain
All the garbage you spill on me
Is my weapon, is your pain.

For you cling to me and trust me
Confide in me and more
I just wait and stack the evidence
Your demise you have in store.

I will use it al against you
Push you 'til you wish you were dead
Take my place amongst the giants
Drop the boulders on your head!

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