I’m Sorry If This Shocks You, But I Love You
By Shaun Sykes
(Composed on April 19, 1997)


Hear me out, Please hear my words
No, don’t walk away
I have things to say to you
Stay and hear them, stay.

There’s something brewing,
Steaming, rising,
Bubbling inside
Thick and oozing,
Plain to see
I can no longer hide.

It took me by surprise and yet
Deep inside I knew
The feeling that I had so long
Reveal themselves for you.

I’m sorry if this shocks you,
But I love you, now you know
A mystery that unfolds before us
Will it grow?

You stare at me,
Your face is pale,
You take your eyes from mine
Did I offend, upset or turn you
Give me a clear sign.

This is too soon
We’re barely friends
Do you see what I mean?
Love blinds you,
Rips you, tears you up
It’s nothing but a dream!

Forget I mentioned anything
Your thoughts betray you much
Empty friendship’s what you have
Leave, but keep in touch.

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