How can you look at me
When others look right through me?
(By Shaun Sykes)
Composed on January 25, 1999

How can you sense?
How could you tell?
How do you look inside
me so well?

We've only met a little while
You know my every move,
This is a thing that's new to me
A different beat or groove.

You recognize the lady
Though yet young, meek and mild,
The others that surround me
They treat me like a child!

The grades, success they recognize
and hang upon the wall,
My friends and neighbors know of this
My body they would maul!

But who I am inside, within
Is hidden from the world,
The voice inside is silenced, bound
A frightened little girl.

You know my thoughts, my hopes and dreams
Important things I long for,
Attaining them can be as simple
as an open door.

I'm seen as very quiet
Intelligently held,
Someone who's not a talker
My words they seldom meld.

The waters burst inside me
A major ocean rumbles,
Emotions rise and fall so fast
I have not time to fumble.

How can you look at me
When others look right through me
and see who's really there?
Who's ever there within our eyes
Has much more they can share.
Has everything to share.

A soul-mate in the making
A partner until the end,
I open up myself to you
And hold your hand as friend.

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