Here's A Girl for you!

By Shaun Sykes

Composed on August 15, 1999

Say you there, yes you
You're such a nice young man
Always so nice, kind, manerable and polite!
It's a shame that you can't find a nice girl
Who will make you a good wife.

Oh look here, I have someone
For you to meet
This is my daughter, cousin, sister, aunt
Friend, roommate, co-worker, associate
She's nice, pretty, graceful, petite
Just the type of woman you should meet.

She can't iron, clean, sew or prepare a decent meal
She's too busy for that (or would you call it lazy - no matter!)
Sit down - express your feelings
Cuddle, conversate and chat.
A pretty package she will make
To you a grand expression,
Will cover shallow emptiness and
Add to your possessions.

You're so resourceful, you think quickly
I'll know you'll manage through this fix.
So cook and clean, no harm to you
Besides you do everything for yourself anyway
Just do it now for your bride.
And when your children come to you
You will know just what to do.

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