Her Sharp, Swift Tongue Doth Stab Me

(by Shaun Sykes)

Composed on March 16, 1996

Ever Wonder Why
A Healthy Man
Strong of Will,
Hardworking and

Liked by All He
Sees and Meets
Admired, Accepted
By Those He Greets.

Would Look So Pale
With Head Hung Low
Life Drained Out
Blow, by Blow.

Pick Your Head Up
Get a Grip
What's Wrong With You Man
Where's Your Zip?

He Says Without Looking
His Hand Hits His Head
The Woman is Heartless
Cold-blooded I said!

You Think She is Sweet
A Precious Young Thing
Her Acts Suggest Difference
When She's Home - I Sing!

With Teeth, Sharp and Menacing
Opened and Poised
She Bites My Poor Body
With Much Fervor and Noise.

I Too Was Fooled By
Her Sly Tricky Ways
In A Short While I Was Duped
And Easily Swayed.

She Growls At Me Loudly
And Won't Let Me Be
She Hurts Me With Words
Her Sharp, Swift Tongue Doth Stab Me!

No Kindness I get
She's On The Attack
I Hate To Talk With Her
Much Courage I Lack.

She's Embarrasing in Public
The Least Thing Sets Her Off
She Becomes The Aggressor
As I Appear Soft.

What Can I do?
My Problem is Great
I Need Some Relief
For Sanity's Sake!

Leave Her, I Say
Drop the Whole Thing In Place
Listen To Me,
What's With the Face?

All He Said Was...

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