Frozen Memories
(by Shaun Sykes)
Composed on February 13-14, 1988

Frozen Memories, thoughts of the past,
Drift through my mind
And hit me with a blast.

Winter has come
You can feel the breeze,
Outside it feels like 10 degrees.

The streets are filled with
ice and snow,
The wisest thing
is to take it slow.

The lone commuter
Who waits for a ride,
Is cold and shivering
Just barely alive.

Not a bus for miles around,
Not a bus is coming down
Or driving by the opposite way,
Is this the price we have to pay?

The fingers and toes
are frozen numb,
Knees rattle wildly
You're feeling so glum.

Chattering teeth can be
heard for miles,

Will they fall out and
end up in small piles?

And just when you think that
all hope has been lost,
A bus filled with people
comes your way at all cost.

You jump into the doorway
And dig in your pocket,
And all you pull out is
a bright silver locket.

No change, cards, bills
Not even a transfer,
You drop your head
Like a grief stricken dancer.

And so you descend the
stairs in a fluster,
The door closes shut,
Your courage you muster.

What's this, but the coins
That you dropped on the ground,
You pick them up hastily
And then turn around.

Too late! That old bus
Has zoomed right on by!
You're so hurt by this
That you start to cry.

As the tears roll down
your cold face and chin,

You shake your head briefly
And think you can't win.

So you gather your thoughts
And step back into place,
While forming an angry
Look on your face.

Now the wind blows much harder
And whistles a tune,
That your body rejects
And hopes will end soon.

But the nightmare of winter
has just begun,
You have no place to turn to
And no place to run.

The memory of winter
is a hard one you see,
Aren't you glad that you're warm
And drinking your tea?

But soon you realize
As you sit in your chair,
That your mind may be here
But your body's still there!

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