Forbidden Lovers
(by Shaun Sykes)
Composed on Sunday/August 28 and Monday/August 29, 1988

Her name is like a song to me
a lovely tune I sing,
When thinking or you tenderly
and all the love you bring.

To be so young and love someone
as beautiful as you,
Is such a simple task for me
I know not what to do.

Two people taking separate paths
came face to face one day,
They made the perfect match you see
despite what others say.

You are an older woman who sur-
passes me in years,
I try to act adult for you
and cover up my tears.

Many people stand around
all who don't approve,
They push, and pull
and yell at us
Our hearts they would remove.

Must I go blind in both my eyes
and disregard the masses,
Receive her love and see the world
through quaint rose-colored glasses?

Or do I listen to the crowd and
toss our love asunder,
Forget the one I long to hold
the pillar I stand under.

Forbidden love is what we share
How much more can we take,
The pressure that we feel inside
may force our hearts to break!

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