Fluidity Within Reason

By Shaun Sykes

Composed on August 14, 1999

I feel the rain upon my head
And soon I'm soaking wet!
The sprinkler system sprays a mist
It's in my waterbed.

Swirling, twirling
Falling, washing
Beat down, soon crawls aboard
All to soak in
Then evaporate.

Waterhose slips out my hand
I'm all wet now
Is this water I feel all over me?
Its wet, I think it is the substance we all call water -
Or H2O (If you will).

But it doesn't smell or feel
As normal water does
Not the kind I feel as I take
A bath or shower, or when I wash
My hands, clothing or car.

Let's examine the weird phenomenon
And you tell me who's sane or not.

Rain begins the water cycle,
That we all do know
Filling ponds, streams, rivers and oceans
Reservoirs for our usage.

That is fine, well and good
But this is a different case
I've been caught in many rainstorms
But they've never felt like this.

I call this fluid, unlike water
Starting from the bottom
Then it climbs upon the surface
Spraying it with wetness.

Feeling creamy, greasy, chilly
I then wipe my hands,
Hear the drops upon the floor
The towel used is now saturated.

What am I to do, What am I to think?
My hands are now wet again
And this fluid now moves up my arms
Up my neck and down my body.
When it reaches my feet, it disappears.

Strange, weird, you're telling me!
Fluidity within reason, hardly.
What type of reasoning is this?

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