Even the Sturdiest of Boulders Crumble
by Shaun Sykes
Composed on Sunday May 29, 2000

I'm here, I made it
I've got the job!
This is what you boast,
And say and brag to those around
Good fortune do you toast.

The skill you have was recognized
A company's great asset,
Rewards come to those who work
and wait - a total facet.

Position makes and breaks the best
And worst of us you see,
But this you disregard because
you've made it past the vast sea.

So now time passes, years go by
You've been there two or three,
Pride has turned to sorrow
Happiness fades quick.

Where have you gone?
What have you done?
This job becomes a burden,
You started at a lower level
Expecting to rise higher.

But now you're at the same low level
What's the matter here?
What is locking you in place
Stuck in this continual rut?

Don't look for this company
To boost or carry you upward,
Don't look for personal favors
to slide you through the door.
The ones you look for help from
Will push you down a cliff,
While you are dangling helplessly
the earth will soon cave in!

Help yourself, don't wait
For others to give you a hand,
A boost, a charge, a good word or two
Or even a pat on the back.

Keep yourself active,
Ready to do battle,
Don't wait, relax and line up
Like weak and helpless cattle.

Resume' ready, current and in order,
Contacts up to date,
Constant looking in classified ads
To pad yourself from fate.

For the job you have can be taken away
Downsizing is the norm,
Even the sturdiest of boulders crumble
Don't let the stagnant position freeze and hold you
Damaged after a violent storm.

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