(by Shaun Sykes)
Composed on February 3-4, 1998

Can you see her?
Does she hear you?
Is she even in the room?
I think she waits for a pleasanter time.

What a trip you've had Erika……
From Columbia, South America to
The USA - Florida and now you're
In New Jersey! Are you ready for the
cold? Will your body adjust to the
temperatures in the teens and
single digits?

A quiet figure
Small, petite
Emotions rising
Break through your sleep

"I'm not good at English"
So you say
You fake it well
Each and every day

You tie your hair up
and hide the length
Are you really hiding
All your great strength?

Six months you'll stay
This state you'll dwell
Your plans may alter
Who's to tell

A glimpse in the future
Who could that be?
Scholar, translator, graduate
If you could only see

Affections build and linger
All suitors they will come
The one you choose, let down the rest
As you consider some

Who is the old, wise woman
That rocks the wicker chair?
Her skies are blue, could this be you
Lives life without a care

Who will you rule, who will you trust?
I see it in your eyes
Your dreams and goals have all been met
In whom the vision lies.

So Erika, Erika
Tell me how does it look?
Are these thoughts even written
In your most private book

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