Embers of Love
by Shaun Sykes
Composed on July 26-27, 1999

The embers of the fire have gone out, and all that remains is the smell of burning wood.
This ends a day like no other day. Oh yes, it started out the same, I woke up and said hello to another morning.

What are the visions that come to mind when you think of a day that surpasses all other days? A baby's birth, many trips abroad, the thunderous cheer of the crowd - for you they applaud.

No not that, something else I imply,
Unrecognizable by most, almost hidden from the eye.

She was on my mind - the maiden, the flower, the beauty, the dove,
Opened my heart and filled it with love.

This is the thing that made it so special, a day of true awe, and mystery, and wonder.
This is the sight that I see in the ashes, sifting them gently I realize the more.

The only thing left is to ask her, how will I word it, compose or create those precious words that come from my heart.

How will I ask her - Will you Marry Me?
And what will be her answer?

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