Deborah Ann
(by Shaun Sykes)
Composed on January 1 -
December 31, 1980

       -                     -
Deborah Ann, Deborah Ann
A beauty maiden fair,
With lips so moist as
creamy silk
And golden locks of hair.

Those eyes that sparkle
like the stars
On evenings dark & bright,
Those hands so soft and gentle
That touch all things so light.

That face of yours brings
much to mind
Like sunshine in the morn,
Or flowers lovely as can be
That are richly adorned.

To others you are very strange
And silent like a dove,
To me you open like a book
Express yourself with love.

Luscious lady pure and mild
Beauty glows from you,
Shining to my wondering eyes
Spreading love anew.

Where did you come from
lovely one
Did you arrive for me,
You make me feel so good inside
So warm and tenderly.

       -                     -
Deborah Ann, Deborah Ann
I love you through & through,
And as the days drift by
so dark
They brighten up with you.

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