Consolation Prize
(by Shaun Sykes)
Composed on July 16, 1996

Start out so strong
I'm looking good
hundreds rush before me,
I duck and dodge
break away and soon
I seize the lead.

Competition is rough
opponents are tough
I think I must be crazy!
Do I stand a chance,
you know, they really
do not faze me.

We battle long, we battle hard
the weak fall to the strong,
I'm in it still, I gain my will
Ejection would be wrong.

Near the finish I exert
my body to exhaustion,
The best has been done
to the wind went
all precaution.
Now for the prize! I'm waiting........

Is this it? Is this all?
Will I get any more?
You've tricked me and
used me,
Kicked me out the door!

What happened to the rest?
Was it stolen from me?
Or is it all hidden. Let me
think, let me guess?

Shut my eyes, raise my voice
To you it means nothing.
Stand still and receive a
token that's quite small
and rather punishing.

My prize is dinky, decayed and
A dirty rag, cast off
not easily viewed.

You gave me a consolation prize
For all my hard work,
HA HA I laugh viciously
As I go berserk!!!

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