Childish Logic/Childish Wisdom
By Shaun Sykes
Composed on 9/1/2000


Sweet Lullaby
Hear it softly
Lift emotions, fill the senses with wonder, awe
Greatly touching all who hear the melody.

Children laughing, feeling happy
Drift towards the magnetic splendor
All in union, no one fighting
With one mind and heart and soul.

People gather, all of different ages,
Colors, religions, countries, origins
Curious to see what all the commotion’s about.

Crowds of people
Pushing, shoving
All desire just to catch one glimpse,
One moment of this great phenomenon.

The children back away now
Allowing us to see –
Oh its just a baby,
A child amongst the rest!
This voice’s fallen angel
Part of some kid’s grand game.

What a smile, what a face,
Look at how it shines
And the song grows louder,
The meaning clearer
We do not know why?

This has happened to our world
Back in Bethlehem
The Christ child/ our saviour came
to us , gave his life
ascending back to Heaven.

But what child is this?
Will we see peace and freedom,
Sense hope and love
Or will our fear and ignorance
blindly lead us to destroy another
Heavenly gift?

Can you answer me,
Or are you as clueless as I am?
Only time will tell.

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