(Shaun has received many awards, among them are from top left Technician of the Month - pictured from left Bob Cruse, Shaun and John Campana, and top right Data Center Support diploma from The Chubb Institute in Parsippany, NJ - pictured Shaun Sykes)

(Here are some of Shaun's awards, including trophies for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and finalist in Forensics (oratorical speaking) in the Drama and Original categories - left; a plaque for Perfect Atendance from Tritech Services - A Merrill Lynch Company - center; and trophy for Technician of the Month - UPS - right)


There is a certain feeling you get when you receive an award - awe, excitement, amazement, pride, happiness, joy, to name just a few. Along with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English-Journalism from Rutgers University - Newark College of Arts and Sciences and diploma in Data Center Support fron The Chubb Institute, here are other awards that I've received.