Photo of Missing Webmaster Causes Uproar with Parents -
Parents want to know who this missing person is and why their children
can't read the carton's ingredients


Missing Webmaster Dennis T. Raina's photo, as it appears on
milk cartons nationwide

A photo of a missing person is causing the opposite affect on parents
nationwide. Instead of sympathy and help, parents are expressing anger
and outrage.
Dennis T. Raina, a native of New Jersey and Webmaster for the ICS
Department of UPS, who has been reported missing for several weeks now,
was added to the nations missing list and put on the back of milk cartons
July 29. This endeavor, normally causing no friction from the public, aids
local and federal law enforcement agencies in finding the location and
whereabouts of thousands of missing people annually.
This time, what started out as routine, soon enveloped into chaos.
Over 100 protestors have been jailed, 50 more hospitalized in a protest
that bystanders called 'Don't RAIN on my parade.'
The trouble began on Sunday, July 30 when parents began to see Raina's
photo on the back of one half pint size milk cartons. This immediately en-
raged parents, who said that this 'took away from the esthetic look of the
small carton.' "You know, I say - what a pity the Tuscan company has to
come to this." "How is my child to know what they are drinking now - they've
covered up all the ingredients," said another parent. Other parents, with not -
so - friendly comments shouted :
" Who is this bonehead anyway, how does he rate a spot on my milkcarton,
why did they have to put him on the small carton - isn't it enough that we
have missing people splattered all over out larger cartons.' One mother
lashed out in utter disgust, "My daughter came in crying from lunch,
screaming and yelling that a scary man was looking at her from inside
the milk carton. I don't appreciate this at all. Find the guy, and get him out
of my refrigerator".
Monday morning came, and the top executives of Tuscan Dairy Farms
were met by angry signs of protest, and a crowd of parents who threw many
milk cartons at them. The building's security was called immediately, but
couldn't contain the mob of angry parents.
The local police force was called in, but by that time the situation took a
turn for the worst. Many of the executives were grabbed, assaulted and
beaten. Police arrived on the scene with paramedics and had to use tear gas to
calm the angry crowd. Hospitals and jails were the destinations of unwilling,
as well as willing participants of the protest coined 'Don't RAIN on my parade.'

Gary Schaffer, advertising executive for We Care America, INC.
said that this new process of using pint sized milk cartons as missing
person's advertisements was "not intended to cause confusion or
"We decided to use the small cartons for the new people that
are missing. After a certain period of time, they would be switched to the
larger sized cartons," said Schaffer. "This is a very unfortunate incident,"
he said.
After the initial 'negative' response to the new missing persons system,
it is unknown whether this process will continue or cease to function.
A spokesman for Tuscan would not comment on any recent events.

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