An Ode to Grady Sykes. Sr.
(by Shaun Sykes)
Composed on September 24 - 29, 1993

Daddy, Daddy

Are you sleeping? Are you resting? No.

I can see that you’ve been taken by God,
Who decided, in his wisdom to pick a flower
from his earthly garden. And that was you this time.

So I know that heaven is now a brighter,
more melodious place.

Sadness, sorrow
Creeping in.
Pain and suffering,
Can we win?

Yes, we can win….

Because we know where you are now,
And we know that you lived a full life,
with little sickness.

Being strong now is difficult,
to say the least….

But you’ve showed us the way, as a family man,
Who put his heart and soul into the unit.

Together we will be strong,
And hold each other up
As we delight in his memories.

Daddy, the time has come
that I must say farewell.

But, of course, I will never forget you,
And will try to follow your excellent example
as father, mentor, role model,
Salaried worker, provider, family man.

You were the last of your clan,
and now the original line is ended.

Your pain and suffering on earth is over.

Daddy, Farewell!

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