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I would like to describe who Shaun Sykes is, by playing a little game or scenario I like to use, when meeting new people, or finding out things about those people that I think I know. It is a very interesting scenario that I put in, and as you will see, brings out a lot of details about an individual. Let's visit the game, or scenario, shall we.

We want to find out information about Shaun, but we don't really know yet exactly who is. We ask around, pinpoint his location, and confront someone that fits his description, but he does not want us to know that he is Shaun. When we ask him to tell us about Shaun Sykes, he gives us this information - in the third person:

Shaun is a wise and knowledgeable young man, who was born in Newark, NJ, and has migrated to Easton, PA with his family. When you meet him, he can be a complicated person, because on the one hand, he can be quiet and introverted, subdued and to himself; and on the other hand he can be personable, talkative and quite fun to be around. He has a lot of emotions inside, and displays only a few of them to the outside world. He has only a few friends, and is loyal to them, because he thinks that true friendship is golden (he rarely opens up his life like a book for many to see, and has to take much time to befriend and fully immerse himself into the lives of others).

He is a family man, a loyal friend, and would do any and everything for them. He loves those close to him, and cherishes the times he has with them. He is not one who is very emotional, or expresses great feelings towards those he loves, but has his own way of expressing himself - through birthday and holiday celebrations, quiet times, and other unexpected times as well. He is not a man of violence, and evil does not enter his realm very often, but I pray for the poor unfortunate souls that come against his family, friends or loved ones. His temper can be immeasurable, and his wrath is cold and unimaginable!

He is a very imaginative guy, and has a creative spirit. I guess that all of his hobbies, interests and studies have all been of a creative nature, and leads him into a creative field of work and career - from the photography, to the poetry, plays, short stories, forensic oratorical speaking, web development and so many other things, you can see his interest in creativity has grown, and increases as time goes by. Why he even told me that he has many planets in his head; each planet represents a category of created works for him, and all he has to do is go to that individual planet, and his creations are brought to life. That is a strange thing, but who am I to judge him? The guy is creative, that's all I know, and he's good at it.

He longs to love and be loved, and is looking for that special young woman who he can share his life, hopes and dreams, desires and wonders, and his heart with. He has not found her yet, but knows that she is out there for him, so he keeps looking tirelessly. She is a lady, and is elegant, poised, mannered and educated. She does not knock him down, rip open his chest, grabs his heart in a poisoned massage and then puts him back together again as his toy or puppet; but she honestly meets and greets him, gets to know him, befriends him, dates him, falls deeply in love with him, commits to him, and marries him. Oh he has related this story many times before, but you see this is his vision, this is who he wants, who he desires, who he sees himself with for the future.

So if you meet Shaun, make sure you don't judge a book by its cover with him. Get to know the guy first, and talk with him, before you make judgements or come to any conclusions about him. He can be complicated, but he is a real great guy, in my opinion.

Here are some of the historical and general highlights of Shaun's life:

My experience in web development experience started with my entry into Lehigh Valley College, formerly Allentown Business School, where I earned a diploma in Web Design and Development in January 2003, and an Associate of Specialized Technology Degree in Web Administration in July 2004. I have worked on and created a few sites at school, at work at UPS, and am working on a site on my own. I am looking to secure a position where my skills will be utilized to their fullest potential, as well as hone on other skills that I have not used in a while. I have sent out some applications with cover letters and resumes, and await their responses.

My overall goal is to combine the artistic vision and knowledge with the web development aspect, because my talent and history has led me in a creative path.

I am a Christian, and I love the Lord. I endeavor to praise the name of the Lord, serve him, and shine his light/spread his message of salvation, freedom from the bondage of sin, and eternal life through his son, Jesus Christ.

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