A Lady in Waiting
By Shaun Sykes
Composed on September 11, 2000


A Lady waits patiently
Who is she you ask?
What is she made of and who can she be?
The answer is simple
And quite plain to see.

Her beauty is breathtaking
A wondrous sight,
So gorgeous and lovely
So precious, so right.

Ever so graceful
Her charm reaches all,
So captive her audience
that hearts will soon fall.

Her wardrobe is splendid
Always elegantly dressed,
An exotic and regal princess
Precious jewel none the less.

Poised in her culture
Sprinkled with etiquette,
Groomed to be a lady
With manners you’re met.

So this is the lady
That I’m waiting for,
Could I dare ask
for anything more?

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